Installation Instructions


Lashes4cars work best when placed directly on to the very top part of your headlights under the bonnet of your car. This part of your headlight housing is usually covered by the very end of the bonnet. Place the lashes4cars as shown by the dotted line. See photo 1

If the top of your headlight housing is covered by a piece of trim, rubber or plastic, you may be able to slide the lashes4cars underneath to reach the top/back of the headlight.

If the top of your headlight is covered by an irregular trim or isn't a completely flat or smooth surface then you might need to fix them using the spare adhesive to the under side of your bonnet edge.



Always make sure that the surface, where you decide to place your lashes4cars, is thoroughly dry and clean as the 3m tape will not bond adequately to a wet and/or dirty area. See photo 2


This step is not essential to install and use your lashes4cars and is more of a cosmetic, fun part of the experience. It is simple to do and does not require any force whatsoever. The instructions given assume that the person curling the lashes4cars is right handed.

Hold the strip in your left hand as shown so that the tips of the lashes are facing you and the red 3m tape is facing the floor. See photo 3

With your right hand, place the curling tool on top of the required lash, with your index finger on the top of the tool and your thumb under the lash.

The lash should now be pinched ever so slightly by your index finger and thumb. See photo 4

Grip the base of the lash you are curling with your left index finger and thumb and with your right hand, gently pull the tool towards you making sure you keep your thumb pushing up towards the tool. See photo 4

Your index finger must remain pressed down on the top of the tool to keep everything steady. The stronger you pinch the lash between your thumb and index finger/tool, the bigger the curl will become. You may need to repeat this procedure several times on each lash. Use this procedure on all the lashes you wish to curl. See photo 5

If you curl a lash too much, then simply place the tool under the lash with your index finger on top of the lash and your thumb under the tool and again pull the tool towards you. This will return the lash to its original, flat position.


Before installing the lashes4cars, practise where you intend to place them and only when you are satisfied where this will be, start to peel off the backing strip to the 3m tape. Remember, the 3m tape is very strong and once you have placed it on the preferred area, it will be very difficult for you to reposition the lashes using the same piece of tape.


Once you are 100% sure where you intend to place your lashes: Peel back a small part of the adhesive backing tape. See photo 6

Starting with the sticky end, place and press down firmly along the edge of your chosen area so that you start to achieve maximum bonding. Keep laying down more of the base as you peel back the backing tape making sure you keep everything straight and correctly positioned. See photo 7

Once the whole lash has been placed, press down on the base of each strand to double check every part of the adhesive is achieving its maximum bond. See photo 8


It is recommended that you don't drive the vehicle for at least 3 hours to allow the bonding process to work. Please keep your vehicle dry so that no water comes into contact with the bonding process. Close your bonnet making sure all lashes are free from being damaged.

Make sure the lashes4cars are not curled too far back that they are touching the paintwork on the bonnet of your car. Sometimes the lashes might seem too long so it is advisable to trim them down using some good scissors.

If you feel your lashes4cars still need further curling in either direction, then open your bonnet: Use the curling tool again...alter the curl of your lashes making sure you keep your finger firmly pressed down on the base of the lash you are curling so you don't accidentally pull off the sticky tape or damage the lash.


For safety reasons, and to achieve optimum use of the lashes4cars, do not travel at excessive speeds (always keep to the legal speed limits) or in very windy conditions.

If you wish to remove your lashes4cars, the adhesive tape will not damage your vehicle in any way. Using your thumb gently rub off the sticky tape left behind.

To re-apply use the spare 3m tape strip.
(Each box contains two lashes, and one curling tool & two spare strips of bonding tape.)

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